Timeline of the Wars of the Roses

A detailed timeline of the Wars of the Roses. This timeline will be added to as content is added to the site. For now, it acts as an index of content and forthcoming material on this medieval conflict.

Timeline: Causes of the Wars of the Roses

30th June 1399 Henry Bolingbroke lands at Ravenspur.

30th September 1399 Richard II deposed in favour of Henry Bolingbroke. This bypassed Richard’s heir presumptive, Edmund Mortimer 5th Earl of March.

13th October 1399 Coronation of Henry IV at Westminster Abbey.

14th February 1400 Death of Richard II in captivity at Pontefract Castle.

22nd September 1411 Birth of Richard Plantagenet, later 3rd Duke of York.

31st August 1422 Death of King Henry V.

22nd September 1422 Minority/ Regency Council established for Henry VI’s reign.

14th January 1423 The opening of Henry VI’s first Parliament.

14th September 1435 Death of John, Duke of Bedford.

20th September 1435 Treaty of Arras.


9th July 1436 Burgundian Siege of Calais.

12th September 1440 Foundation of Eton College by King Henry VI.

23rd April 1445 Marriage of King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou.

23rd February 1447 Duke Humphrey arrested on charges of treason.

30th July 1447 Richard Duke of York appointed Lieutenant of Ireland.

9th January 1450 Adam Moleyns murdered by sailors at Portsmouth.

2nd May 1450 Murder of William de la Pole Duke of Suffolk.

3 July 1450 Jack Cade crosses London Bridge and declares himself Mayor. Croyland Chronicle Account.

7th September 1450 Richard Duke of York returns from Ireland.

5th September 1451 Birth of Isabel Neville.

17th September 1451 Standoff between the Earl of Devon and Earl of Wiltshire.

3rd March 1452 Standoff at Dartford.

17 July 1453 Battle of Castillon (Last battle of the Hundred Years War).

Timeline: Henry VI’s breakdown to the Act of Accord

10th August 1453 Henry VI suffered mental breakdown.

23rd July 1454 Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter, imprisoned by the Duke of York.

25th December 1454 Henry VI regained his senses.

22nd May 1455 First Battle of St. Albans. Also, a summary of the First Battle of St. Albans, external link to another of my sites.

13th January 1456 Resignation of Richard Duke of York as Protector.

20th April 1456 The Earl of Warwick appointed Captain of Calais.

28th January 1457 Henry Tudor born.

24th March 1458 Loveday Parade at St. Pauls Cathedral.

23rd September 1459 The Battle of Blore Heath.

24th September 1459 Lord Stanley writes to participants in the Battle of Blore Heath.

10th October 1459 Yorkist letter to King Henry VI.

12th October 1459 The Battle / Rout of Ludford.

20th November 1459 Parliament of Devils opens.

15th January 1460 Raid on Sandwich.

2nd – 16th July 1460 Siege of the Tower of London.

10th July 1460 Battle of Northampton.

14th July 1460 Yorkists return to London with Henry VI as their captive.

9th September 1460 Richard Duke of York landed in England.

25th October 1460 Act of Accord. Croyland Chronicle account of the Act of Accord.

31st October 1460 Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Timeline: From the Battle of Wakefield to the capture of King Henry VI

30th December 1460 Battle of Wakefield. Croyland Chronicle’s account of the Battle of Wakefield.

5th January 1461 Agreement between Lancastrians and Scots.

2nd February 1461 Battle of Mortimer’s Cross. Croyland Chronicle account of the Battles of Wakefield, Mortimer’s Cross, and the Second at St. Albans. Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, external link to my contribution to a Battlefields Trust project.

17th February 1461 Lancastrian victory at the Second Battle of St. Albans. Also, a summary of the Second Battle of St. Albans on another of my sites.

29th March 1461 Battle of Towton. Detailed account of the Battle of Towton (external link).

28th June 1461 Coronation of Edward IV.

16th October 1461 Battle of Towt Hill.

6th January 1463 Alnwick falls.

4th March 1464 Lancastrian rebels are defeated at Dryslwyn.

25th April 1464 Battle of Hedgeley Moor. Summary of the Battle of Hedgeley Moor (External Link)

1st May 1464 Secret marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. Croyland Chronicle account of the marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

15th May 1464 Battle of Hexham. Summary of the Battle of Hexham (External Link)

29th September 1464 The City of London swore in John Tate and John Stone as sheriffs

24 July 1465 Henry VI captured by Yorkists.

7th June 1467 Embassy led by Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, arrived in Paris for negotiations with the King of France.

15th June 1467 Death of Philip the Good of Burgundy.

18th September 1467 Thomas Bourchier created Cardinal.

14th August 1468 Surrender of Harlech Castle bringing an end to the longest siege in British history.

Timeline: 1469-1471. Managed Rule, Revolts, Readeption of Henry VI, Yorkist Recovery and Victory.

20th March 1469 Battle of Nibley Green.

26 July 1469 Battle of Edgcote Moor. Summary of the Battle of Edgcote Moor (External Link)

12th August 1469 Execution of Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers and his son, John Woodville.

10th September 1469 Edward IV released from the custody of the Earl of Warwick.

12th March 1470 Battle of Losecote Field. Summary of the Battle of Losecoat Field (External Link)

22 July 1470 Angers Agreement.

13th September 1470 The Duke of Clarence and Earl of Warwick land at Plymouth.

27th September 1470 Edward IV fled to Burgundy.

26th November 1470 Parliament attains Edward IV.

2nd January 1471 Edward IV and Charles of Burgundy discuss invasion.

14th April 1471 Battle of Barnet. Summary of the Battle of Barnet (External Link)

Late April 1471 Abingdon Proclamation.

4th May 1471 The Battle of Tewkesbury. The Battle of Tewkesbury (External Link). Croyland Chronicle’s references to the Battle of Tewkesbury and the Siege of London.

10th – 14th May 1471 Siege of London.

21st May 1471 Death of King Henry VI.

Timeline: A decade of peace? 1471-1483

11the September 1472 Treaty of Chateaugiron

30th September 1473 The beginning of the siege of St. Michael’s Mount.

29th August 1475 Treaty of Picquigny. The 1475 Invasion of France, from the Croyland Chronicle. The Treaty of Picquigny (External Link).

18th February 1478 The trial of the Duke of Clarence. The Attainder of George Duke of Clarence. The Croyland Chronicle’s account of the Duke of Clarence’s trial and execution.

22nd May 1482 Raid on Dumfries led by Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

9th April 1483 Death of King Edward IV.

Timeline: 1483-1487. A Period of Regime Change

19th May 1483 Edward V enters the Tower of London to prepare for his coronation.

10th June 1483 Richard Duke of Gloucester wrote to the City of York requesting urgent assistance.

22nd June 1483 Sermon made by Ralph Shaa (Shaw) about the legality of Edward IV’s marriage.

26th June 1483 Richard III accedes to the throne.

6th July 1483 Coronation of King Richard III.

15th July 1483 The Duke of Buckingham appointed Constable and Chamberlain.

24th August 1483. Prince Edward created Prince of Wales [see 8th September].

8th September 1483 Investiture in York of Prince Edward as Prince of Wales.

23rd January 1484 Titulus Regius is passed.

16th March 1485 Queen Anne Neville dies.

1st August 1485 Henry Tudor embarked from Harfleur.

7th August 1485 Henry Tudor lands at Milford Haven.

15th August 1485 Richard III hears that Henry Tudor’s army has passed Shrewsbury.

22nd August 1485 Battle of Bosworth.

3rd September 1485 Henry Tudor made his entry into London as King Henry VII.

15th September 1485 Writs issued for the first parliament of Henry VII’s reign.

18th January 1486 Marriage of King Henry VII to Elizabeth of York.

4th June 1487 Lambert Simnel, the Earl of Lincoln, and the army assembled from mercenaries and in Ireland, landed at Piel Island.

16th June 1487 Battle of Stoke Field.

9th June 1498 Perkin Warbeck and the Earl of Warwick attempted to escape from the Tower of London.