Isabel Neville

Birth of Isabel Neville, 5th September 1451

Isabel Neville was the eldest daughter of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick. She was co-heiress to his wealth, along with her sister Anne. Isabel became the centre of political controversy surrounding her betrothal and marriage to George Duke of Clarence. Her father was keen to ensure that his daughters married into the highest of circles. To this end, he arranged for Isabel to marry George, who at the time was heir presumptive.

His other daughter was married to Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales in the Lancastrian rule and then to Richard Duke of Gloucester. The match between Isabel and George was problematic. Firstly, it required papal dispensation as the couple were related within the fourth degree; Second, King Edward IV opposed the match. In theory, permission was needed from him for the marriage to go ahead.

Isabel Neville as depicted in the Rous Roll
Isabel Neville as depicted in the Rous Roll

The marriage took place in Calais on 11th July and is covered in this book. Isabel and George had four children. The first died at sea in infancy. Margaret became Countess of Salisbury. Edward became the Earl of Warwick and, following Richard III’s death, had the best bloodline claim to the throne from a Yorkist perspective: for which he was eventually executed, and finally, Richard, who died in infancy.

Isabel herself died just two and a half months after the death of Richard. George, consumed with grief, blamed a nurse, Ankarette Twynyho and committed what can only be described as judicial murder.

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Featured Image: Isabel Neville in a stained glass window at Cardiff Cathedral.

Isabel Neville as depicted in the Rous Roll. via Wikipedia.


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