Edward IVs coronation in London (Croyland Chronicle)

King Edward, after the festivities of Easter, which he cele-
brated with great splendour at York, having placed garrisons
throughout the whole coimtry in whom he could fully rely,
returned, as conqueror, to London. Here he immediately
assembled the Parliament, and was crowned at Westminst^
by the venerable father Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury,
and solemnly graced with the diadem of sovereignty. In
this Parliament it was enacted that whatever had been granted
or obtained in the tLuies of the three kings immediately preced-
ing, that is to say, in the times of Henry the Fourth, Henry the
Ftfth, and Henry the Sixth, was of no vididity whatever, but
that the same was to be entirely cancelled and annulled. Ee-

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