Investiture of Edward of Middleham as Prince of Wales

Edward of Middleham was the only son of Richard III and Anne Neville. Little is known of his childhood, and he only entered the public eye upon his father becoming King. The decision to create Edward as Prince of Wales was made on 24th August. Richard sent messengers to London with orders for regal robes for the investiture ceremony.

Investiture of Edward of Middleham as Prince of Wales.

The ceremony was held in York on 8th September 1483. It was presided over not by the Archbishop of York but by the Bishop of Durham. The ceremony itself consisted of a solemn mass.

After the mass, the Royal party paraded in full regalia to the Archbishop of York’s home. Here, the investiture itself took place, this consisted of Richard crowning his son as Prince of Wales.

The Prince of Wales returned to Middleham

Edward of Middleham returned to the Royal castles held in Yorkshire after his investiture, most probably Middleham. Richard had his son formally recognised as heir to the throne by Parliament in February 1484 and took the precaution of having the nobility swear their allegiance to the young Prince.

The measures being taken to secure the Prince’s future were in vain, though. He died quite suddenly in March 1484. The location of his grave is subject to debate.

York Minster, where Edward of Middleham celebrated mass prior to his investiture as Prince of Wales
York Minster

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York Minster. Part of the Gott Collection at the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. The collection was originally held by Leeds industrialist William Gott, and sold in 1908 and 1912 after the 1906 death of William Gott’s son John, bishop of Truro. Public Domain. Source.

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