Henry VI captured by the Yorkists, 1465 (Croyland Chronicle)

But now, following the course of our narrative, I think that
the fact ought here to be inserted, that Henry, lately styled
king of England, who, from the time of the arrival of the most
illustrious prince, now king Edward, had, as we have already
mentioned, taken refuge in Scotland or lurked in secret hiding-
places in the bordering castles of England, was now taken
prisoner. This happened in this present year, the same being
the year of our Lord, 1465. Being captured in the northern
parts, he was led by a strong body of men to the Tower of
London, where king Edward ordered all possible humanity
to be shewn towards him, consistently with his safe custody ;
and, at the same time, gave directions that he should be sup-
plied with all suitable necessaries, and treated with becoming

In the meantime, at this period, many nobles and great men
of the kingdom, as well as very many bishops and abbats, were
accused before the king of treason ; the ground being, that they
had secretly solicited Margaret, the late queen, who was now
living in the parts beyond sea, both by letters and with money,
to return to the kingdom with a strong force, and had made her
promises of their advice and assistance. Some of these persons
were carried off by their deaths chancing to intervene, while
others, through the payment of immense sums of money, were
restored to the favour which they had formerly enjoyed.

From the Croyland (Crowland) Chronicle

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