Birth of Richard, Duke of York. (1411)

Birth of Richard, Duke of York, on 22nd September 1411

Richard had a troubled infancy. His mother died shortly after his birth. His father, Richard, Earl of Cambridge was implicated in the Southampton Plot in 1415 and executed for treason.

Richard’s future looked uncertain. It became complicated following his uncle’s death, Edmund Duke of York at the Battle of Agincourt, to whom the infant Richard was heir, coupled with the posthumous attainder of his father.

Richard’s upbringing

Fortunately for Richard, Henry V did not extend his father’s attainder to his heirs, the young Richard now stood to inherit the titles and estates of both his father and his uncle. His upbringing was placed initially under Sir Robert Waterton’s care until 1423 when Ralph Neville bought his wardship for 3000 marks.

Inheritance and marriage

In 1425 Richard’s worth rose again as he was the sole heir to the Mortimer inheritance. The boy was now in line to be one of the country’s largest landholders when he reached his majority.

Following Ralph Neville’s death, his guardianship passed to Joan Beaufort, who betrothed Richard to Cecily Neville. The couple married before October 1429.

Richard’s wealth

Richard’s inheritance was complex due to the number of estates and types of landholding that they had been. Nonetheless, by the time he was granted livery of the estates, the income that was due from them exceeded £17000 per annum: he needed to take legal action to recover some £6000 of this from his inherited wealth.


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