William Herbert 2nd Earl of Pembroke

Following his reinstatement on the throne, Edward IV needed to restore law and order throughout his realm. From 1468 to this time, there had been a succession of uprisings and the upheaval of the return of civil war. The method adopted to deal with reasserting control involved reinstating nobles, and making arrangements for the lands of the Lancastrian/ Neville affinities to be managed. One such example was to return the Herbert family to the nobility. William Herbert 2nd Earl of Pembroke was therefore given the roles that his father had held, and on 27th August 1471 appointed to oversee the administration of South Wales. 

The battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury had all but eliminated any risk of an all-out civil war breaking out again. The Lancastrian leadership was dead, or in the case of Margaret of Anjou, under house arrest and with nothing left to fight for.

King Edward now needed to reassert his authority, particularly in South Wales, where Jasper Tudor had gained lots of support for the Lancastrian cause. Edward visited the region himself. He also needed the management of the area to be administered on a day-to-day basis.

He turned to the young William Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke. On 27th August, he was appointed to administer the South of Wales, a role his father had managed with a great deal of success.

The younger William Herbert was not as accomplished as his father. He showed little interest in the role. In 1479 he was forced to relinquish his title. They were subsequently granted to the Prince of Wales.

Biographical detail on William Herbert 2nd Earl of Pembroke, from Hyperleap.

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