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Appointment of Richard Cholmeley

26th August 1488, Appointment of Richard Cholmeley to positions in the North.

One of the concerns facing the new Tudor regime was the administration of the regions. As had been seen in 1461 and 1483, changes of the monarch could lead to resistance to new methods of governing. Henry Tudor was aware of this. He would also have been very aware of the areas most loyal to the Yorkist regime.

Many of these were in the north of the country. While the Percy family remained in post, their loyalty could not be relied upon yet. Henry needed his own men in administrative roles, and they needed to be good.

On 26th August, one such appointment was made. Richard Cholmeley , a Cheshire man thought to have served Margaret Beaufort, was appointed to several positions: chamberlain of Berwick; treasurer of war at Berwick; receiver-general of all the crown’s lands in Durham and Yorkshire; the receiver of Middleham and after the death of the Earl of Northumberland receiver of numerous other estates.

Henry Tudor was ensuring that the unruly north had a steady hand overseeing it. This would enable him to focus on central government and uprisings against his rule, such as the invasion in 1487.

Henry Tudor, as King, gained a reputation as a good administrator. Much of this reputation was acquired due to the careful selection of people for roles such as those to which Chomeley was appointed.

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