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Suppression of the Robin of Redesdale Revolt

26 April 1469: John Neville was paid for the deployment of archers for 9 days from this date to suppress the Robin of Redesdale Rebellion.

The Robin of Redesdale Rebellion was an uprising in the North of England that was orchestrated by the Earl of Warwick as part of his revolt against King Edward IV. The rebels protested high taxes and unjust rule. In particular, the rebels were angry with the role of members of the Woodville family in running state affairs.

Robin of Redesdale is a legendary figure. Several people have been cited as potentially being the true man behind the name. These are Sir John Conyers, his sons John and William, Sir Robert Welles, or Lord Ogle. Each was connected to Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, and had a connection to his stronghold at Middleham, close to where the uprisings began.

The northern uprising was quashed by Lord Montagu. He received his payment on this date of 1469 for the deployment of archers on the campaign. However, the name Robin of Redesdale reappeared later in the year in a larger uprising that culminated in the Battle of Edgecote.

The Warkworth Chronicle describes the uprising:

After that, by their assignment, there was a great insurrection in Yorkshire, of divers knights, squires and commoners, to the number of 20,000; and Sir William Conyers was their captain, who called himself Robin of Redesdaleā€¦

Image: Redesdale. From Wikipedia.

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