Battles and Sieges

Lords Roos and Hungerford captured

The Battle of Hexham had been a Lancastrian attempt to prevent Yorkist forces marching north to escort Scottish negotiators to York. At the battle, Lords Hungerford and Roos had jointly commanded the left flank of the Lancastrian army. Their line was broken and fell into disarray with men scattering. As the vanguard was defeated, the Lancastrians were forced to flee the field, bar Sir Ralph Percy who made a last stand.

Lords Roos and Hungerford were found after the Battle of Hexham.

Yorkist forces found Lords Hungerford and Roos hiding in woods the day after the battle, 16th May 1464. The pair were taken to Newcastle, where they were tried for treason and beheaded the following day.

Lord Roos

Roos had been a committed and loyal subject to Henry VI having fought at Wakefield, the Second Battle of St. Albans and being one of those who accompanied the King north following the defeat at Towton. Lord Hungerford had fought in the French campaigns.

Captured by the French at the siege of Chastillon he was released in 1459. He was one of the Lords who went into the Tower of London for refuge when the Yorkists landed and took London in 1460. He fought at Towton and like Lord Roos went into exile with Henry VI following the defeat.

Lord Hungerford

Hungerford spent time on the continent trying to raise funds and armies for the Lancastrian cause, an act that saw him once again imprisoned in France. He was soon released though, and upon his return to England, he soon saw conflict. It was the battle that was ultimately to cost him his life.


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