Edward lands at Ravenspur (3rd Continuation of the Croyland Chronicle)

For the said king Edward, being provided with troops and
ships by Charles, duke of Burgundy, about the middle of the
ensuing Lent after his banishment effected a landing with fif*
teen hundred English followers in the district of Holdemesse,
at the same spot^* at which Henry the Fourth had formerly
landed when about to dethrone king Eichard. Passing through
the city of York, he assumed no other title beyond that of
^ Ravenspur, in Yorkshirt


duke, as being heir to his father ; for it was necessary to use
some dissimulation there, as many of the people were op-
posed to him. After this, he arrived, without any resistance
being offered, before the city of Coventry, in which the eads
of Warwick and Oxford had shut themselves with a great body
of troops.

In the meantime, the duke of Clarence before-named, brother
to king Edward, had been fully reconciled to the king by the
mediation of his sisters, the duchesses of Burgundy and Exeter,
of whom, the one without the kingdom, and the other within
it, entreated the duke to make peace with his brother : after
which, he hurried with a very lai^e force from the western
parts of the kingdom to the king’s assistance. The num-
bers on the king’s side thus increasing every day, the earls at
Coventry did not dare venture either to proclaim war against
the king or to accept the pitched battle which was offered them
by him.

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