The resignation of Richard Duke of York from his role as Protector.  

The resignation of Richard Duke of York from his role as Protector happened on 13th January 1456.

Richard duke of York resigns as Protector

“Parliament met at Westminster, where the Duke of York and the house of Commons worked hard to obtain a resumption of royal grants, but most of the Lords resisted. [Indeed] they went to the King and brought him to Westminster: there, in the King’s presence, the Duke of York resigned his office”. Benet’s Chronicle.

St. Alban’s and King Henry VI’s second period of incapacity

Following the First Battle of St. Albans Richard Duke of York was installed as Protector of the realm. This is widely believed to be due to a relapse of his previous unresponsive state, though some people question whether that was the reality of the situation.

Opposition to Richard as Protector

Richard’s Protectorship faced opposition from some nobles who were opposed to his reforms and to him personally. These nobles, aligned largely to the Queen, made his governance increasingly difficult.

When Richard attempted to have royal grants resumed, that Is continued, these nobles made moves to block the move. It was a political powerplay. The Queen and her followers saw an opportunity to regain control and bring an end to Yorkist dominance.

King Henry VI recovers

Their solution was to have the Duke of York removed from office. The only way that this could be achieved was through the return to the personal rule of the King. So, they brought King Henry to Parliament. Whether or not the King was aware is hard to tell. The message was loud and clear to Richard Duke of York though.

The Lancastrian faction regain control

As a result, Richard Duke of York resigned from his position as Protector and retreated to his estates. This handed control of Government to Queen Margaret and her favourites.

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