Sir James Hobart

HOBART, Sir JAMES (d. 1507), attorney-general, the youngest son of Thomas Hobart of Leyham in Norfolk, was entered at Lincoln’s Inn early in the reign of Edward IV. He is frequently referred to in the Paston letters. John Paston was his intimate friend, and several times consulted him, and he was apparently employed in some legal capacity by John Mowbray, duke of Norfolk (Paston Letters, ed. Gairdner, ii. 344, 368, 378, iii. 110, 140, 164, 220, 243, 338). In 1479 he was elected Lent reader at his inn. Probably he is the James Hoberd who represented Ipswich in parliament in 1467 and 1478. On 1 Nov. 1486 he was appointed attorney-general by Henry VII, and afterwards sworn of the privy council. In the same year he was appointed one of the commissioners to take Calais into the hands of the king, and inquire into the possessions of the crown there (Mat. Hist. Henry VII, i. 356). In April 1487 he was a commissioner of array for Norfolk, and in September was appointed with others to superintend the east coast fisheries (ib. ii. 135, 193). In this year there was also a grant made for the repair of Yarmouth harbour under his supervision (ib. ii. 218). In 1489 he was on the commission of peace and oyer and terminer for Suffolk, and the commission of gaol-delivery for Ipswich and Norwich (ib. ii. 479, 482). In August 1501 he was appointed to try a suit at York, when he is styled serjeant (Plumpton Correspondence, p. 161, Camden Soc.) He was knighted at the creation of Henry, prince of Wales, on 18 Feb. 1502–3. He continued in his office until his death in 1507. According to some authorities he was buried in Norwich Cathedral. His first wife was a sister of John Lyhert; his third, Margaret, daughter of Peter Naunton of Letheringham, Suffolk, who predeceased him in 1494. He bought and resided at Hales Hall in Norfolk. Sir Henry Hobart [q. v.], the chief justice, was his great-grandson. The name is also spelt Hoberd and Hubbard.

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Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 27
Hobart, James by James Williams

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