Interim Council for Henry VIs Minority Rule

Memorandum┬áthat after the decease of Henry V king of England and heir and regent of France, father of Henry VI now king of England, heir of the realm of France and lord of Ireland, who died 31 August, namely on Monday after the Beheading of St. John Baptist 1422 in the tenth year of his reign between the second and third hour after midnight at Bos Vincent in France, on 28 September following, namely the eve of Michaelmas, at the hour of vespers at Wyndesore castle in the now king’s chamber, in presence of Henry archbishop of Canterbury, Henry bishop of Winchester, Philip bishop of Worcester, Edmund bishop of Exeter, Richard bishop of Lincoln, Humphrey duke of Gloucestre, Philip (sic) earl of Ormund, John lord Talbot, William lord Clynton, Master John Stafforde keeper of the privy seal, Simon Gaunstede keeper of the chancery rolls and other great men, Thomas bishop of Durham then chancellor delivered to King Henry the late king’s great seal of gold in a purse of white leather sealed with the said chancellor’s seal, and the king delivered the same by the said duke’s hands to the keeping of the said Simon, who took it with him to London, and on the morrow of Michaelmas in a chamber called the ‘Sternechamere’ within the palace of Westminster, in presence of the said bishop of Durham and other lords, sealed therewith divers letters patent, and had that seal in his keeping until 20 November following, on which day in full parliament, in presence of the lords spiritual and temporal, he delivered it to the said duke in the said purse sealed with his own seal, and the duke sealed the sealed bag with his seal, and in parliament delivered the said gold seal to Nicholas Dixson clerk in the name of the treasurer, to be taken to the treasury and there kept.

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