Death of Isobel Ingoldisthorpe (Neville)

Isobel is an interesting example of how noblewomen conducted themselves and the role that society dictated for them. Upon her father’s death, she became an heiress of some value. She had been a ward of Queen Margaret, showing how noteworthy she was. This made her an attractive proposition for bachelors of similar rank who could increase their worth through marriage.

Marriage to John Neville, Lord Montagu

This led to her marriage to John Neville, Lord Montagu. They lived mainly in the north of England, in the Neville estates. However, when war broke out, her husband was captured and imprisoned. In cases such as this, or where the Lord was absent for other reasons, the Lady often assumed many estate management duties.


Later in the Wars of the Roses, John was killed in the battle of Barnet. He had switched sides and opted to fight alongside his brother against the King. At the time it was common for widows to remarry. It was something of a necessity in many ways, heiress of not.

Death of Isobel Ingoldisthorpe (Neville).

Isabel married William Norreys a year to the day after John Neville had died. She had also been allowed to keep wardship of her children from her first marriage. Given that they were the children of someone who had died fighting against the crown, this may be unusual. Or it may be a reflection of the way that Isabel was viewed by King Edward. She died four years after her marriage to William and was buried alongside her first husband at Bisham.

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Bisham Abbey Manor House, Bisham, Berkshire, England.

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