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Article in the Yorkshire Post

Recently I was asked to contribute to an article on the 560th anniversary of the Battle of Towton. The article briefly explored the history of the battle, along with questions about the significance of the battle at the time and today.

The full article can be found on the Yorkshire Post website here.

The article features comments about the Towton Battlefield Societies work and my interview referred to the work being done by the Battlefields Trust.

“Had there been no rebellion, the Battle of Towton would be remembered as the point of regime change, and the course of Royal history would look very different,” said Mr Moorhouse.

“But Towton remains a significant turning point in English history, the result of a perception that government was unfair and unjust, with too much institutionalised favouritism. That led to conflict on all levels.”

Quote from my interview with the Yorkshire Post

The Battle of Towton was the largest battle fought in the Wars of the Roses. A regime clinching affair, it saw thousands die and the Lancastrian regime reduced to a few small enclaves of resistance to Edward IVs fledging Yorkist regime. The Battle and the build-up and consequences feature in my book, On This Day in the Wars of the Roses, available in Paperback via all good bookstores and as an ebook via Amazon. The book is currently registered on Kindle Unlimited as well to make it affordable for as many people as possible.

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