Edward’s release from Middleham (Croyland Chronicle)

Lest it should come to pass that the faithful subjects of the
Baid king, in the southern parts of the kingdom, should at-
tempt to avenge the commission of so great an injury, and
liberate him from his captivity in the said castle, they now trans-
ferred him to Middleham Castle, in the north ; from which
place, however, in a manner almost miraculous, and beyond all
expectation, he did not so much make his escape, as find him-
self released by the express consent of the earl of Warwick him-
self. For there was now a rising in England, in the vicinity of
the Scottish border, of many persons who formed the remains
of Henry* s party, and who had chosen for their captain one Sir
Humphrey Neville. The earl of Warwick found himself un-
able to offer an effectual resistance to these, without first
making public proclamation in the king’s name that all the
king*s liege subjects must rise to defend him against the rebels.
For the people, seeing their king detained as a prisoner, re-
used to take any notice of proclamations to this effect, until,
having been entirely set at liberty, he had made his appear-
ance in the city of York ; after which, the enemy were most
valiantly routed by the said earl, and the king, seizing the
opportunity, in the full enjoyment of his liberty came to

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